People Making a Difference

WelForce brings over 50 years of insurance and administrator experience. Imagine a health plan administrator that gives you custom solutions for your self-funded groups. With Welforce, you get far more than competent, comprehensive benefits administration. WelForce is a cutting-edge choice that combines benefit plans with wellness management, as well as self-insurance with stop-loss programs.

Who needs WelForce?

Any employer, from small to large, who wants to control health plan costs and give employees access to the highest quality care and a fair price.

Why is WelForce different?

Getting and staying healthy is one of the best ways to contain health care costs. How? WelForce integrates claims management with employee wellness. We give you unique access to advanced technology for predictive modeling to alert you to potential problems that can be alleviated and eliminated. All of that impacts your bottom line. WelForce is the unique and complete package, offered or provided no where else.

About Us

WelForce Administrators is a service company founded by experienced insurance industry executives and hospital administrators to both serve and capitalize upon the growing number of small and midsize companies that seek to control health benefit costs and manage risk by self-insurance.


The services provided by WelForce Administrators will be state-of-the art among small-employer groups or companies. The value added experience of the WelForce Administrators management team and their provider network will ensure customer satisfaction.

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